Why You Should Use Outlook.com?

Outlook.com provides free email with virtually unlimited storage available on the internet with a powerful and useful program or utilizing POP and ActiveSync in email services on desktop computers and mobile devices.


  • Outlook.com provides a rich and practical email experience online (and mobile or desktop access making use of POP and ActiveSync).
  • Flexible groups help arrange mail, filters fix it up.
  • You can create POP accounts for delivering and receiving data in Hotmail (now called Outlook).
  • It is a free service with virtually unlimited storage online.
  • A simple search bar finds suitable emails quickly in Outlook while various search variables (including sender, beneficiary, subject, date and folder) let you narrow desired results more accurately.
  • It incorporates a filter for spam whose actions can be corrected (and improved for the future) conveniently. Trojan and phishing e-mails are found as well.
  • It can respond to emails for your benefit making use of auto-replies.
  • It can maintain a report of these IM chats.
  • It also can find updates, Tweets, images and complete names from services which include Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn.
  • Provides support for editing rich text, keyboard shortcuts and a lot of other stuff makes it on the internet an experience like that with a pc email program.
  • It lets you deliver files as much as 300 MB and share photographs via SkyDrive collections.

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